Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait


Each Lure Comes With 2 Free Skin Swaps!

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Type – Sub surface sinking

The Enticer sub surface tweak bait has been designed to swim just below the surface of the water imitating an injured or fleeing bait fish.

Its easy to use and fish find it very enticing

This lure can be retrieved slow to fast, and is best worked using taps on the rod tip to impart that injured fish action.

Longer sweeping pulls are also very effective depending on what fish you are targeting, and conditions
If the fish are down deep you can let the lure sink and retrieve again with an erratic darting action.

Suitable for Bass, GTs, Tailor (bluefish), Tuna, Sea Trout, Snapper, Roosterfish, Jacks, Mackerel, Kingfish and most other Pelagics

• Mustad hooks – Treble belly and tail hook.
• Wired through using high strength materials.
• High quality rigging and fittings
• Weighted for sub surface action and good casting distance.
• Virtually indestructible lures, suitable fishing around sharp rocks and toothy pelagics.
• Hand made lathe turned for precision casting
• All lures are produced in white, a good all round colour and come with 2 free skin swaps
• Casts well in windy conditions , great for punching through onshore winds.

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