One of the many qualities of Samson lures is the craftmanship that goes into making each one! All lures are handmade to perfection, wired through, weighted for casting maximum distance, and lathe turned for anti tumble, whilst maintaining a realistic action vital in enticing fish to strike. Samson lures are best deployed for surface action but can also be fished deep when conditions suit.

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The lures are suitable for catching a wide variety of Pelagics including GTs and just about any fish that takes a lure.

We have a variety of lures to suit every condition from rough windy days where plenty of water disturbance is required, to calm smooth days when a more subtle approach can prove more effective. Together with the exceptional casting distance, these virtually indestructible lures are an excellent addition to any fishermans tackle box.

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Lure Fishing For Huge GTs Land Based -Part 2

The next days were spent between driving to reefs and casting to a nice channel in the estuary. Traveling to the reefs at the other end of the island was a real adventure, and my GPS really came in handy saving time finding previous productive spots. After...

Lure Fishing For Huge GTs Land Based – Part 1

I had decided my next trip would be another land based adventure this time targeting the formidable Giant Trevally, commonly known as GTs or in Hawaii ulua. I had fished many times for other fish from the jack family including black Jacks, and Jack Crevalles that...

Part. 3 Lure fishing for huge GTs lándbased

With just a few days of my trip left I was satisfied to have caught some nice GTs I really didn't know what to expect being my first time here, and I realized it could be a bit of a hit or miss affair. But I couldn't help thinking the reef had so much potential, and...

Tropical Adventure To The Wild Shores of Central America! Part 2

Of course the main purpose of my trips is to attempt to  catch big fish from the shore!  But it's always a bonus when the environment around you is beautiful and makes the rest of the trip a pleasure.  When I had arrived on the island I needed to estimate...

Tropical Adventure To The Wild Shores of Central America! Part 1

There's always much excitement and anticipation in the build up to an exotic fishing trip away.  But Living a busy life with work schedules and kids,  before I knew it the trip was upon me!  I had checked my list to make sure I had all the essential Tackle...

2 Double Figure Bass and a Storm

When I organized my trip down to Portugal to spend some days bass fishing and testing some new lures, I wasnt expecting to coincide it with a major storm, that was causing bad weather conditions all across Europe,  with huge waves , rain and freezing east...

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