It seriously floats my boat when a brand new lure works so well from literally the first cast! By Henry Gilbey

Do many of us here actually need any new lures? Come on, am I the right person to answer that?! It’s an addiction, plain and simple, but as mad as march hares a lot of us might be with this whole lure fishing thing, as and when a lure comes along that I think (or convince myself?) is doing something a bit different for me when compared to (boxes and boxes of) other lures I have then I tend to be all ears……….

A very kind person very kindly sent me an interesting looking new lure the other day, a Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait. Made from what looks like the same material as those GT Ice Cream lures designed and handmade by a serious bass nut who I have seen on video landing some donkey bass in some hectic conditions down in Portugal as per below, I kinda liked that this Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait is a tough as hell, long-casting and very much non-flashy “buy me” lure that is designed to be walked and twitched just under the surface in all kinds of conditions. So I put it in box as I really enjoy playing around with new gear.

I managed to get out fishing just before I came over here to Ireland and of course I couldn’t help but make my way to where I was lucky enough to land that big bass the other day. A few small fish were intent on impaling themselves on my surface lure (obviously that Whiplash Factory Spittin’ Wire because how could I not be fishing with it after my experiences with it?) but to be honest things were a little quiet – so why not I thought, and on goes that 30g Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait. I had watched the video above before I went out fishing to get an idea of how the lure is meant to be worked, so I whacked it out and did exactly that.

Blow me down with a lovely pair of compression tights if a 6.5lb bass didn’t go and absolutely smash the lure on my very first cast with it, and I know it was a 6.5lb bass because I was fishing on my own and had deliberately taken a set of scales and a lightweight weigh sling to see what it was like weighing bass on my own – and it’s a pain in the backside! I estimated the bass at 6lbs when it came in and it went 6lbs 8oz on the scales, but of far more importance to me was the fact that a hard-scrapping bass had jumped on the end of my new lure on my very first cast with it. If lure fishing is hugely about confidence then that’s the big time shot of it I need with this new Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait lure!

So we had our first day fishing out here in Ireland yesterday and things were pretty quiet until the tide started to flood where we were. At one point I looked around to see Steve bent into what looked like a good fish, so I started to make my way over to get ready to shoot a few photos if he got the fish in – which he did, and the sneaky bastard had only gone and clipped on his very own Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait! But Steve had let the side down and had caught the roughly 6lb bass on his third cast with his brand new lure – bad angling if you ask me………..

I shot a few photos as you can see here and then because I had made sure to put my own Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait in my lure box as I am obviously full of confidence with it after the other day and where we were fishing here in Ireland I kinda fancied it could be useful, well I went and clipped my one on.

Holy frigging cow if about four casts later I don’t go and hook a good bass. For a split second I actually thought a sea trout had jumped in front of me, but in fact it was the tail of the bass obviously slapping the water as it absolutely smashed my lure while I was kinda twitching/walking it sub-surface. I had removed the front treble after I caught that nice bass at home on the lure and I had also put another split ring on the back to the size 2 treble hook – and yes, I’d be perfectly comfortable with a big barbless single hook on the lure but the ones I have ordered hadn’t arrived before I left home on Wednesday.

I landed this bass and estimated it at around 6lbs and then I got to thinking that after about ten casts between Steve and I with this Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait we’re looking at three 6lb or so bass, and however many monsters you yourself may catch and put those fish to shame, to me that’s some pretty good bass fishing. Would those same fish have jumped on another lure? Well that surely is the beauty here – we will never know, and because we are addicts with an affliction that knows no bounds, well obviously I am now praying that the one Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait I have out here doesn’t find a snag! I also note that there’s a 50g version of this lure that now I am obsessing about for a bit of surf fishing back home – and so on. Does it ever end?!

I have linked to a tackle shop in this blog post where I know you can buy this lure, plus various others from the Samson Lures company. It’s not an affiliate link hence me not putting a disclaimer down the bottom as I usually would, and Danny the owner of the shop was so kind the other day in asking me if I would like to try one of these Samson Lures Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait lures – thank you kind sir.