Lure Fishing For Huge GTs Land Based -Part 2

The next days were spent between driving to reefs and casting to a nice channel in the estuary.

Traveling to the reefs at the other end of the island was a real adventure, and my GPS really came in handy saving time finding previous productive spots.

After a few nice mornings catching some fun size GTs I decided to spend the afternoon session fishing a nice channel.

The inside of the estuary was made up of flats where bait fish would stay in the safety of the shallow waters.

But as the tides dropped the bait fish would leave the flats and venture to deeper water where predatory fishing would be waiting in close to ambush them.

I knew how well Jacks love to hang out around currents or turbulent water where all the action takes place. So found a productive channel with a nice rip running out on the outgoing tide!

The next couple of sessions were quiet! With just a few follows from smaller fish I decided to exchange the 130g lure and heavier setup for a lighter set up including a 30g Tweak bait to see if I could get a take, and at least catch a fish!

Just a few minutes  later I was into a lovely small blue Jack to save the day!

The next afternoon, the many hours of casting lures finally paid off as I enjoyed a real action packed session!

Sending out lures as far as I could across the channel, keeping the lure splashing hard then slowing to a swim and repeating, I waited patiently for a follow.

I knew fish would be on the move and it was a good time to have a lure in the water.

But to my surprise a big GT sitting out of sight just feet away from where I was standing shot up from below the flat to smash my lure on literally the last winds of the handle.

Seeing a big fish take your lure just meters away is definitely one of the memorable and heart in the mouth fishing moments!

Then to feel the power once they kick there tail and head away at full force is a real adrenaline pumping moment. You know the fight is on and you can’t afford to give them too much ground!

I had scanned the area for the reefy sections and had a good idea in what areas I would need to stop a fish.

After an intense battle I landed and safely released the fish!

It was the middle of the day, but I continued to fire out lures across the channel in hope of more action!

A short while later and I was on again! Another big fish, and another good fight!

I kept the pressure on, did all the hard work and had the fish in the shallows just a meter or so from the shoreline when it made a hard turn and the hook came flying out sending me tumbling back!

Fighting big fish it’s important to use your body weight, but not so good when they come unhooked. Fortunately I wasn’t fishing from the rocks so had a fairly nice landing, but was still miffed to have lost a nice fish so close in!

I immediately cast out again determined to not get disheartened.

Patience payed off on this occasion and sometime later I hooked into yet another GT!!

Giant Trevally are notorious for coming unhooked due to there strong mouths and the way they lock onto a lure making setting the hook difficult.

But fortunately this one stuck to the end and I was soon holding another good sized fish!

After 3 hard fighting fish my arms were feeling it but the adrenaline was stronger and I continued on in hope of more!

This turned out to be by far the session of the trip, and to make matters more surprising, it all took place in the middle of a the day under sunny blue skies!

The next day I was hoping for some more of the same! But as often happens in fishing a cracking session was followed by a blank! Even though I fished the same tides, methods etc.

I decided to try it at a higher tide casting as far as I could across the channel with a pelagic candle hoping to catch fish coming into the estuary.

The next take did come from a long way out and around an area of reef.

Another hard intense fight pursued, and I managed to land another good size GT.

If I didn’t catch another fish felt I could go home happy!

But in part 3 the last few days of the trip are a mixture of elation and exasperation as I tangled with yet more big GTs only to lose some from last second hook pulls!

I persisted on in hope of finishing the trip on a high!