Part. 3 Lure fishing for huge GTs lándbased

With just a few days of my trip left I was satisfied to have caught some nice GTs
I really didn’t know what to expect being my first time here, and I realized it could be a bit of a hit or miss affair.
But I couldn’t help thinking the reef had so much potential, and if the waves were smaller I would be able to get closer to the drop off!
I decided to give it another go and headed down again, this time with the dropping tide to see if I could walk out as far as possible and fish into some deeper water.
The reef dropped of to around 4 meters, but I would need to be able to get as close to the edge as possible if I wanted to land a big fish!
This time I would bring someone along to take some under water shots and better footage, as I would be fishing a good distance from the beach and unable to leave a camera running!
After setting out before light I was a bit disappointed upon arrival to see big sets crashing down on the shallow reef!
I knew this would really make fishing tricky and the chances of landing a big GT would be very small!
To have a chance with one, I would need to be literally standing on the fingers of reef that stretched out in front to where it dropped off.
It was a choice between going back, meaning a wasted 3 hour round trip or giving it a go!
I cast out the old fat minnow hoping to hit a GT! but also half hoping it wouldn’t be too big.
It actually turned out to be a real fun session!
Not long in and I had caught 2 blue jacks! Exactly like the ones I had caught on previous trips to Central America.
Moving a little further down the reef I continued to cast lures out as far as possible. This time it was a pink Slim Minnow running the gauntlet over the drop off, and into the shallow reef in front.
Anything you hooked that managed to go down would mean a instant cut off. so not allowing the fish to turn its head was vital in landing a fish!
Fortunately, nothing really big hit the lure, but it was as much challenge just staying on your feet as the powerful waves crashed down on the shallow reef turning the ankle deep water into what felt like a mini tsunami rushing towards you, finishing up around your chest!
Although I didn’t lose any lures, I did manage to lose my best pair of split ring pliers that somehow come untied with all the surging water!
As soon as the tide turned and started coming in it was time to leave!
I had managed to catch 8 nice Jacks and would look forward to returning in the future with smaller conditions.
Tired but happy I headed back to catch the high tide at the other end of the island.

After a quiet afternoon and just a few follows, I put on a smaller lure hoping to get a hook up.
When a fish finally hit I had to be careful not to put on too much pressure and bend the hooks out!
I landed a medium sized Jack that looked a little different to the GTs I had been catching previously but like all Jacks put up a good fight!
I headed home happy, got some rest and was up early the next morning fully rejuvenated and ready for a dawn session!
About 40 minutes in, and I was into a big GT.
It’s amazing how strong these fish are stripping line from a tight drag, (which is essential when fishing rocky areas)
This spot was much easier than the shallow reef of yesterday, but GTs will always find the rocks given half a chance!
I did my best to tire the fish and keep it away from any rocks and thought I had it beat!
But I couldn’t believe it as once again the hook came out just moments before landing the fish!
I think it would have been a lot easier to swallow should it have come off at the start!
But after a long fight only to see the hook pull at the end, makes it that much harder to accept!
I fished hard for the rest of the day to no avail! It was like the GTs had cottoned on to me and had warned all the fish in the area!
I stuck at it, and after lunch headed out again for the afternoon session!
The next action was a long while in coming!
It came just before dark! There’s no mistaking when a big GT smashes into your lure, one of the most exciting top water lure fishing experiences!
Although it was getting dark, I had a good feel for the terrain and it’s amazing how your senses switch on to the situation and you fight the fish with more feel without the visual aid!
It was another intense fight where I did my best to control the fish away from the same rocks, hanging on and keeping his head up as much as I could.
So when once again the hook pulled just seconds away from landing it! and in virtually the same place! I just couldn’t believe it!
I think the locals must have heard me shout out back in the village!
This was really tough! 2 big hits and 2 last second hook pulls in a row!

Fishing in peaceful surroundings, having time to let your mind wander until all the stresses of the world just melt away is why so many of us love fishing!
It’s also the uncertainty of it all that is such an attraction, making a catch that much more special!
Well that’s what I tried to tell myself as I cast out again into the dark skies, not ready to give up yet!
I was desperate to salvage the day, as two big loses in one day would be too much!
Just minutes later there was a big splash and I felt the hit from another GT smashing into my lure.
It was now dark and once again the GT run out hard into the rip!
Fortunately this time the fish stayed on the hook and I was able to land it to the cheers of some local fishermen on there way in from a days boat fishing!
They had certainly often seen me fishing this point, and must have thought at last he’s caught something!!
The day certainly ended with mixed feelings as although I finished the session with a nice GT, losing the big one always leaves a sting!
With one day left I was still ready to give it my all!

The next morning I woke with the stiffest neck Imaginable! I had no idea how I would be able to fish!
Something to do with the air conditioning and sleeping in a bad position. After a bit of intense trigger point release I was back on it for my last days fishing!
A little into the morning and things were pretty quiet!
I had definitely given it 100% and fished to my max. My body was really feeling it by now, but as the last GT hit the 120g Tweak bait the adrenaline was pumping again and I was into another tug of war with a very big fish!
GTs really give it everything and are known for fighting dirty!
Like most of the other fish, this one headed towards some reef! I managed to turn his head until he eventually came back into the rip and I was able to land him, take a quick photo and enjoy watching him swim away, ending another brilliant adventure!
I just love the way these fish fight, and this trip just left me thinking how much I couldn’t wait to encounter more of these amazing hard fighting fish again!
I will certainly be back! hopefully sooner than later!